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"He named the place Bethel ... This stone I have set up as a pillar is to be a house of God, and I shall faithfully pay you a tenth part of everything you give me." - Our Father Jacob (Gen. 28:19, 22)

Stewardship is caring for that which God has placed into our hands and returning to God that portion which is His


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All of the universe and everything in it has come into existence by God’s Hand. Therefore, everything belongs to God, and whatever possessions we have are not our own to do with as we please. Rather, we are the recipients of God’s Grace and stewards of His gifts, charged with using them to make the world a better place. Accordingly, we are commanded to return a portion of our receipts and possessions to God so that they can be put to use for the glory of His Name and Kingdom.

Stewardship is ultimately about you – who you are and how you see yourself in God’s plan for your time here in this world. Without your gifts our ministry could not exist. Please give generously, according to your ability and desire to see God’s work done in the world.

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