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July 7, 2007 - Website Launched. At 7:07 p.m. PST on this date, this website went online, marking the official beginning of this ministry. This time and date was chosen for Kabbalistic reasons based on Gematria, the revealed Names of HaShem and the Etz Chaim (Tree of Life). God will bless this ministry and all who support it.
Bulleting Board Notices
July 10, 2007 - Congregation Newsletter Begins Publication. Today we published the premier issue of our congregation's newsletter, Sacred Tree - Sacred Light. In addition to news about our ministries and congregation, the newsletter will include articles and editorials concerning current national and world events that are relevant to our spiritual lives. Publication is planned for every other month. Subscription is free of charge but restricted to church members.
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12-08-08: Announcing, in affiliation with Amazon.com, the opening of Sacred Tree Books, where you will find books on Kabbalah, Hasidism, Meditation, Sufism, Hindu mysticism, Native American religion, the psycho-spiritual work of Carl G. Jung, and much, much more.

12-07-08: For the last several months Reb YaNYaL has devoted almost all of his time and energy to our ministry in social justice. For reasons of spiritual repair and unification, he is working to advance the rights and wellbeing of indigenous peoples. We have formed a nonprofit corporation (Alliance for Indigenous Rights) and have been publishing a blog since last January named Native Rights News. Currently, Reb YaNYaL is working with members of the Modoc Indian Tribe of northern California and southern Oregon to write a constititution and recover their sacred ancestral homeland.

December 8, 2008 - Sacred Tree Books Opens. Today we opened our bookstore,providing a wide selection of books on Kabbalah and other forms of mysticism. Sacred Tree Books is an Amazon Affiliate, so all purchases are processed by Amazon.com, and we receive between 4% and 7% as a commission. If we don't have what you want, just use the Amazon Search Box to get access to the entire contents of the Amazon.com site. Find what you want, make the purchase, and we still receive the commission. We will continually be adding books, and soon be expanding into CDs, DVDs and other categories. Remember, every purchase you make helps to support our ministries. Sacred Tree Books Check us out. You'll be glad you did.