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Our virtual synagogue is a house of worship, a house of assembly and a house of learning. We honor diversity and inclusion while seeking to build common purpose. Therefore, we welcome all Jews and their families to membership in the congregation regardless of their marital status, sexual orientation, or financial circumstance. A non-Jewish spouse or partner is considered a member and welcome to share in the fellowship of the congregation. We draw strength from one another in times of celebration and in times of sorrow. We extend our hands and open our hearts, inviting you to become a member of our spiritual family.

Membership Support Structure

Our congregation is not a “fee for service” organization. Accordingly, all of our teaching and worship services are offered free of charge as a part of our mission and ministry to the world. Financial support, however, is absolutely necessary for the congregation to remain active and a source of inspiration to its members and the larger community. Such support is called for in the Torah, and it is in this spirit that we ask our members to contribute financially toward the success of our community and its mission. Accordingly, each membership application includes a section in which the applicant states an amount he/she/they wish to pledge on a monthly or annual basis. No individual or family will be refused membership because of an inability to tithe. Anyone wishing to make special arrangements should contact Reb YaNYaL.

All financial gifts and contributions to our synagogue are tax deductible under federal tax laws. All membership information, including gifts and contributions, is confidential and will not be disclosed except to proper authorities in accordance with the law and proper legal procedure.

Please join us by completing this Membership Application.

We welcome all who wish to pray, learn, celebrate and mourn together

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